My Promise to You:

My oath to you is simple: always people over politics. When I was first seeking public office, I promised to unite the people of our area, and not divide them, and I have kept this promise. Your communities and hometowns are my communities and hometowns. I grew up in this region, attended school here, worked here, and chose to start my own small business here. I am one of you; I love our region, and have and will always fight for our values and principles, while always striving to make our District the best place to live, raise a family, and operate a business.

About Me

• Your State Representative Since 2015

• “Jason’s Cheesecake Company”—Owner and President

• PNC Bank—Former Treasury Management Product Market Analyst and Private Client Group Manager

• Center for Hearing and Deaf—Board Member

• Salvation Army Project Bundle Up—Committee Member

• Burgettstown Area Development Corporation—Former Board Member

• Avella High School Graduate, B.S., Robert Morris University,

MBA, Stetson University


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The 46th District

Please check the map below to find your community or area!

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Allegheny County


  • Collier
  • South Fayette


  • Bridgeville
  • Heidelberg
  • McDonald (All. Cty.)
  • Oakdale

Washington County


  • Canton
  • Cecil
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Robinson
  • Smith


  • Burgettstown
  • McDonald (Wash. Cty.)
  • Midway