“Jason’s Election Day Message to the 46th District”

Today, on Election Day, I would humbly like to ask for your vote. Over the last two years, I have worked hard to serve your needs in Harrisburg, and to fulfill my promises to you, and, as such, would like to take a moment to discuss some of the great services and events I have been able to help provide to you, the citizens of the 46th District.

In an effort to keep you updated about my efforts on your behalf, I hosted three district-wide tele-town halls—with over 1,000 people logging on for each—and around 20 in-person town halls spread throughout the 46th District, all so that I could be sure that your voice and concerns were being represented in Harrisburg. Additionally, over the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to meet with thousands of citizens in my district office.

Besides being available to learn more about and represent your needs, I know providing gainful employment opportunities in the 46th District is a vital component of making our communities a great place to work, live, and raise a family. That’s why I hosted two job fairs in the District, with each event featuring over 50 employers looking to hire full-time employees in positions that provided family sustaining wages. I am pleased to report that these fairs can account for helping at least three dozen people in our communities find jobs.

I am also very proud of something new we were able to accomplish in the 46th District: two Veterans Appreciation Breakfasts that allowed us to honor the service of over 500 of our local veterans. In addition to these great events, my office partnered with the American Legion to help our veterans learn more about benefits and services available to them, and to ensure that these programs are accessible to all our communities’ heroes. I am very pleased to say that these events and efforts have produced outreach for our veterans to greatest degree ever in the history of the 46th District.

I have also worked to help guarantee safe and responsible firearm ownership in our area, and have hosted several seminars to provide citizens with important information about state laws regarding firearms, as well as valuable knowledge pertaining to gun safety and maintenance.

For our senior citizens, I am proud to report that I have hosted two expos to provide our District’s seniors with the information and services needed to help them make important decisions about retirement, financial security, employment opportunities, and healthcare.

In order to encourage small business growth and expansion in the 46th, I worked through my office to partner with the University of Pittsburgh’s Small Business Development Center, which, I am excited to report, now provides counseling and important information to first-time, young, and experienced business owners alike about successfully operating and expanding small business ventures in our region.

The opioid epidemic that our region faces, like you, has alarmed and greatly concerned me, and I am determined to work my hardest to ensure that our citizens do not fall prey to these dangerous drugs—and the crime that accompanies them—in our neighborhoods and communities. That is why I have met and interviewed several experts in the field of combating drug and opioid abuse, including Secretary Tennis of the Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention (DDAP), a representative of the “Teen Challenge” anti-drug program, the Washington County Drug and Alcohol staff, and the Washington County District Attorney to learn all I could to help combat this very serious issue facing our region. These interviews are posted on my Facebook page as well as on YouTube for your information. Additionally, I recently participated in a panel discussion for a documentary called “Hope After Heroin” and I highly encourage you to view this program to learn more about this issue, and how you can help family members and friends struggling with drug abuse. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASBA4ezNbFk).

In addition to these videos, I have made it an important part of my work over the past two years to record video updates to keep you aware of all of my efforts on your behalf in Harrisburg; these videos can be viewed on my office’s website, or on my official State Representative Facebook page.

Finally, I am pleased to say that I’ve been working very closely with PENDOT to improve our region’s transportation and communication networks. I have coordinated repairs with local officials to ensure work and improvements are completed, and can happily report that I have been assisting Mt. Pleasant Township with their sewage project, Canton Township with water/sewage lines repair, and assisting people and officials with coordinating work and and repairs with the PA Turnpike Commission.

Over the last two years, my office and I have been very busy working for you and our District, and I have greatly enjoyed being your voice and your representative in Harrisburg, and providing you, our citizens, with the assistance and resources to help you live happy and productive lives in the 46th District. But, there is still much more to do, and I again humbly ask for your vote to give me two more years to continue to fulfill my promise to you: that I will always work tirelessly for you, and our home, the 46th District.