Cutting Through and Breaking the Partisan Gridlock—I am committed to cutting through partisan gridlock, and working with business owners, community leaders, and elected officials from all perspectives and backgrounds to ensure that your interests, and not Harrisburg’s, are represented. I have worked with Democrats and fellow Republicans to pass fiscally responsible budgets that did not increase taxes, while also preventing Harrisburg politicians from enacting new taxes on nursing homes, day care providers, funeral services, and others. I will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that your interests are represented honestly and aggressively.


Business and Family-Sustaining Job Creation and Protection—Fostering economic revitalization and creating more family-sustaining jobs are some of the largest challenges facing our community. I have been fighting in Harrisburg to implement a multi-faceted plan to bring more economic and business opportunities to our region. We can attract new businesses by lowering the job-crushing taxes our employers face, remove excessive regulations that put our home-grown businesses at a competitive disadvantage, and promote long-term economic growth and stability. I will continue to work with local business owners, community leaders, and government officials to help make our district a shining example of economic growth and development of which we can all be proud.


Reducing Taxes— We must continue to work to lower taxes and restore fiscal responsibility in our state government; as your State Representative, I have fought for real Property Tax reform, lower taxes for our families, seniors, and job creators, and have personally refused a state pension and car to keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs: with you.


While we have made some significant progress, there is still much to be done, and I pledge to continue to use my proven experience as a small business owner and elected official to make sure your interests as taxpayers always come first.


Strengthening Education— I believe that education is not only the foundation for building a career, but a major component of creating happy, fulfilled, and productive citizens. Every citizen should have the opportunity to obtain the education to help them make their dreams and goals a reality.


As your State Representative, I supported record level funding for our K-12 education system without raising taxes, and backed initiatives to make the education system more financially accountable. Additionally, I proposed legislation that would increase our students’ opportunities for advanced and specialized cyber course options that would allow our schools to produce competitive and qualified graduates ready to enter the job market.


Energy and the Environment—Energy and natural resource development is not only one of the most important issues facing our community, but our nation as well. Furthermore, for the first time in our country’s history, we possess the technical and scientific know-how to truly become energy independent.


However, I believe that the development of our region’s natural resources should not compromise either a citizen’s personal freedoms or safety. I believe strongly in landowners’ rights and the laws set forth in the Pennsylvania Constitution. I have worked to ensure that our abundant natural resources can be harnessed in an environmentally responsible and safe way, lowering energy costs while also encouraging the energy industry to continually improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. I have and will always push to ensure that Pennsylvania holds all aspects of the energy industry to the highest quality and safety standards.


Community Safety—Protecting our citizens, and ensuring that our families, children, and seniors have a safe and welcoming community is paramount. That is why I have fought my hardest in Harrisburg to support legislation that makes our District and Commonwealth a safer, happier place. I pushed for expanding background checks for teachers and childcare providers to ensure the well-being of our children, worked to address and combat our region’s heroin epidemic, and voted to increase funding for the Pennsylvania State Police and National Guard, ensuring that our military personnel and first responders have the tools and resources they need to keep our communities safe and prosperous.


2nd Amendment—I am a Guns Rights Supporter, have worked to ensure that law-abiding citizens are not denied their Constitutional right to purchase and own a firearm, and have been endorsed by Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC).


Pro-Life—I believe in the sanctity of life, and am a proud Pro-Life supporter, endorsed by the PA Pro-Life Federation.